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03: Top Shot Bits

Between The Lines - Ch 03: Connections


These are some of the tools and components you may need if you are going to make a top shot. These tools are also used in making wind on leaders.
0303_01_needles   0303_02_water   0303_03_sandpaper

Top Shot Tackle Rigging Needles

A good set of rigging needles will make preparing Top Shots and Splices in hollow threads such as Dacron quite an easy job. Needles come in two main types, one with a wire loop and the others are drilled out tubes of various diameters to accommodate most sized leaders and line class


Hot Water

Many of the threads used have coatings of wax and other stiffeners and lubricants. Soaking them in hot water softens them and makes splicing far easier.


Abrasive Paper

Abrasive papers such as 100 grit sandpaper are used to roughen up the nylon after threading to increase the grip of the Dacron or other hollow braids.






Super Glue Activator

Many of the fibres used for binding are not easily glued. The Activator helps in bonding difficult materials. Use only on the binding thread before using it. Do not spray on nylon or braid.


Super Glue

If Super Glue is used it should be of a flexible type. Any flexible waterproof adhesive will also be quite adequate.


Binding Thread

Any kind of strong binding thread can be used to secure the braid over the nylon. Shown is an 80lb braid.






Fly Tying Bobbin

A bobbin such as the fly tying one shown enables you to bind the braid very quickly. The heavier the bobbin the easier is to make the binds tight.


Waxed Thread

Waxed thread is one of the alternatives to binding the braid to the nylon. Used in a series of half hitches the wax thread needs no other coatings such as Super Glue.


The Bjorn Bobbin

This type of bobbin is used in archery to bind bowstrings. It is very heavy and results in a very tight bind using heavy Spectra to bind with.

0303_10_PullThrough   0303_11_Scissors   0303_12_Dacron

Looped Pull-Through

This is simply a loop formed out of the material you are using to bind. It is used to finish off the bindings.



A good sharp pair of serrated scissors is necessary to cut nylon neatly and some of the thicker braids cleanly when trimming the bindings.



The length of Dacron to be used is soaked in hot water for several minutes to soften the stiffening and protective coatings.



Check the nylon you will be using and check that is in good condition.