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The Digger® Spreader Bar

Digger 280The Pakula Digger is the latest in a long line of Pakula Innovations specifically designed to put out as much vibration and sound into the water as possible. Like the Witchdoctor there are three colours, Violet for a great silhouette, Lumo Pink and Lumo Chartreuse, with both the Pink and Chartreuse offering the latest and brightest in Lumo technology.

The Digger looks just like a tracking marlin in the water, with lit up peck fins, and is unparalleled as a Fish Attracting Device. One of the best things about this teaser is that it was designed to be easy to store, breaking down in seconds so it fits in it's own small bag, which is about the same size as a normal lure roll. Each Pakula Digger comes complete with towline and storage bag.

The Digger body is made from high impact ABS, the lures from high density PVC. The digger is 2'3.5" / 690cm wide by 7'2" / 2.22 mtrs long.


Digger Body Colours    Digger Lumo copy  

Digger Colours

Digger Colours, Lumo Chartreuse, Violet and
Lumo Pink 

The Glow of Lumo Chartreuse, and
Lumo Pink

 Digger Dismantled copy   Digger Closed Bag  
The dismantled Digger ready to store     Digger Pack  
Open Bag 90
Digger pack opened Assembled Diggers

In areas where there are members of the Razor gang running the Witchdoctor® further back than the the Digger® will help prevent the Digger® getting shredded by the toothy critters.

Doc Sketches 10

Doc Sketches 11

The Digger In Action

4859   4848
4860   4859

Digger Instructions

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