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Pakula 3D Shredder™

The 1st Production 3D Lures, UV2 Additives, ABS, Venturi Jets

Shredder K2

The Shredders were first developed from discussions with Kyle Peet when we met upam in the Bahamas as there seemed to a need for slow speed lures to use with Dredges.

The Shredder is a large cup face with 4 Venturi Jets and 4 large normal full-length jets with a sealed large chamber to give it maximum buoyancy and action. To get the action and configuration Peter Pakula chose 3D printing technology to make the lure he wanted and we believe these are the first 3D printed lures in the trolling lure industry.

The head shape is based on the first lure we ever produced for the market - the Long Chuggers which were renamed in the late 1990's as the Fox. Vamp, Patriot, Chatterbox and we also added a lure based on the Sumo.

shredder  head sizes

From Left to Right Shredder Size 80, 55, 40, 35, 25 and 15

The first lure was run by Kyle Peet with the following result:  “Have had the ‘Shredder’ in the water for 2 days and have raised 6 white marlin to it"

Ben Colvin helped with the test runs and added this comment – “Helped run these pro types this morning. Worked as slow as 4 knots with a regular breath and a noticeable smoke trail and wiggle, at 19 knots they were still hanging in and actually working. At 6 to 7 knots they are unreal, love the fact even with twin hooks in them they float and would be unreal as a teaser lure for fly or switch baiting as they stay up on top when in neutral where you could see what was happening. Well done Peter Pakula, it's no wonder you have been at the forefront of lure design for so many years. Can't wait to try them up north this season.”

shredder group 600

The Shredder works like a normal lure but at slower and higher speeds than most and pops easily which makes it a great teaser for fly fishing and bait and switch. We believe these are the first production game fishing lures made with 3D printing technology.- at 18 or 19knots it pulled less than 5kg of drag which opens it up to a whole bunch of other techniques. 

shred 02

Peter Pakula first used them at the Dampier Classic, Western Australia, in early August 2014 where he fished with the Reckless Junior Team. Out of 12 shots in the 2 days, we fished the Shredder in sizes 7 and 8 inches scored 10 of the shots winning Darcy Bryce the junior division with one on 8kg and 3 on 15kg. Over the two days, the Shredders were fished and performed well in all positions from calm to short 20-knot wind chop.

Pakula Shredder X Small 7.50" size 15 - Fox

Name: Shredder 15 - Fox Code: PSH15 Length: 186mm / 7.25"
Hooks: Size 25 Dojo Hooks Min Class: 4kg Recommended Leader: 100lb
Position: All Positions Main Colours: Blue Crystal, Illusion, Lumo, Petrolio


Pakula Shredder Small 9.25" size 25 - Vamp


Name: Shredder 15 - Vamp
Code: PSH25
Length: 200mm / 8.00"
Hooks: Dojo 25
Min Class: 6kg
Recommended Leader: 150lb
Positions: All Positions
Main Colours: Blue Crystal, Illusion, Lumo, Petrolio, Gold Yakka


Pakula Shredder Medium 12.50" size 35 - Patriot

Name: Shredder 35 - Patriot
Code: PSH35
Length: 255mm / 10.00"
Hooks: Dojo 35
Min Class: 8kg
Recommended Trace: 300lb
Positions: All Positions
Main Colours: Lumo, Blue Angel, Violeta, Gold Kona, Hot Frigate


Pakula Shredder Large 14.50" size 40 - Chatterbox

Name: Shredder 40 - Chatterbox Code: PSH40 Length: 318mm / 12.50"
Hooks: Dojo 40 Min Class: 15kg Recommended Leader: 400lb
Positions:All Positions Main Colours: Lumo, Illusion, Evil Angel, Hot Frigate


Pakula Shredder Extra Large 16.50" size 55 - Bremilo

SH HF-700x700
Name: Shredder 55 - Bremilo
Code: PSH55
Length: 341mm / 13.50"
Hooks: Dojo 40
Min Class: 24kg
Recommended Leader: 400lb
Positions: All Positions
Colours: Blue Kona, Gold Kona, Black Betty, Hot Frigate


Pakula Shredder Monster 17.00" size 80 - Sumo

Name: Shredder 80 - Sumo
Code: PSH80
Length: 341mm / 13.50"
Hooks: Dojo 40
Min Class: 24kg
Recommended Leader: 400lb
Positions: All Positions
Colours: Blue Kona, Gold Kona, Black Betty, Hot Frigate

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