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02: The Uni Knot

Between The Lines - Ch 03: Connections

One of the best and most versatile is the Uni Knot. It can be used to join lines to terminals such as snap swivels, the end of the line to reel spools and lines, even of different thicknesses with ease and security. The knot continues to tighten under load and will not slip.

The Uni Knot is easily learnt. The following tying instructions may help.Whenever you learn a new knot give yourself plenty of line to work with, in this case at least 18 inches. Use some spare line of say, 60 to 100lb, as heavier lines are easier than light lines to handle when practising.




1 - Place the tag (the loose end you are working with) through the eye of the snap, or hook. Then lay the tag end back along the main line for about 6 inches and form a loop facing back towards the snap.


2 - Pass the tag around the two lines inside the loop as shown. For lines up to 130lb pass it through six times. For heavier lines, such as leaders, fewer turns are used. The passes should run up the lines away from the snap. 




3 - Moisten the ends to reduce friction and snug the knot by pulling the tag end and the two ends at the snap swivel end away from each other. Do not tighten the knot at this stage.


4 - Slide the knot down to the snap swivel and tighten by pulling on the main line. Finally, tighten by pulling on the tag end. You can trim the tag end off as close to the knot as you wish. 

Following is a short video that may help in tying the Uni Knot.