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01: Introduction to Gear

Between The Line - Chapter 02: The Gear

In each and every category of gear and tools that is, “fishing hardware” there are many products to choose from. Rather than try to deal with the thousands available we’ll suggest their preferred characteristics.

You will find that in every category there are many alternatives, but you’ll also find that successful anglers and teams are committed to using what they believe the best gear they can get, simply to make fishing an easier and more enjoyable experience. Gear you can trust to do the job certainly does that.

In many areas tradition in methods and gear have strongholds. The following should help you make an individual choice, based on what the gear should be capable of doing. It is not just a case of getting an item of tackle because someone else recommends it without having some understanding of your own.

The following chapter discusses the gear the angler uses in angling, i.e. the reels, rods, lines, snaps and safety lines. That is anything the angler comes in direct contact with. Simply ask yourself what each item is supposed to do?