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The Original Pakula Witchdoctor Teaser

austarilian made 200The Pakula Witchdoctor, the most copied teaser on the planet is still the 'GO TO' solution for exciting all species of predatory Game Fish including all species of Marlin, Spearfish, Mahi Mahi and all species of Tuna in just about every Game Fishing destination on the planet.

At all normal trolling speeds, the Witchdoctor stays deep below the prop wash, sending out irresistible vibrations flashing reflected shafts of light. It never comes to the surface to interfere and tangle with trolling lines and importantly it's very easy to deploy and retrieve.

Although the Witchdoctor is called a teaser it is really more of an exciter because unlike traditional teasers which are often attacked by predators which often need to be 'switched' to a bait or lure the Witchdoctor acts as another predator and triggers the competitive nature of pelagic fish in grabbing a meal before the others have a chance, so the bites on baits and lures are more aggressive than when using traditional teasers often resulting in better hook up rates.

The Witchdoctor Teaser was Peter Pakula's first invention in around 1969, initially designed for use while trolling live and dead baits, and still after all these years the Pakula Witchdoctor is still one of the best fish exciters on the market..

The Original Wooden Pakula Witchdoctor Teasers is Made in Australia

The Aussie made Witchdoctors are wood with two pack paint, perspex mirror which is waterproofed. These should be washed after each use and dried in the shade. Do not put wooden Witchdoctors with Mirrors in bags until they are dry which can take quite a while. Best to wrap them in an old towel or dishcloth that breathes.

Note: The Real Original 100% made in Australia Pakula Witchdoctor Teaser does not come with bags or tow rope which are optional extras.


The 100% Australian Pakula Hippy Witchdoctor
is the first commercially made Witchdoctor dating back to the early 1980's. It's the most copied where others couldn't even come up with their own colour scheme or decals. Note all Pakula Witchdoctors have Pakula logos or engraving on them.

The 100% Australian Pakula Brad J Witchdoctor
is a result of the incredible success of our lure colour Brad J which has caught so many fish for so many anglers we just had to make a Witchdoctor in the same colours.

The 100% Australian Pakula Necromonger Witchdoctor
is unique exciter as it's Orange Perspex reflects light out of the edges throwing light down to the depths to be easily noticed by fish deep below it and enticing them to join the action where your lures and baits are.

Witchdoctor Optional Extras

The Original 100% made in Australia Pakula Witchdoctor Teaser does not come with bags or tow rope which are optional extras at a very reasonable price.


Witchdoctor Tow Rope and Carry Bag
The tow rope is a material that will not recoil back to injure anyone if it breaks in battle. The rope comes with a large swivel and shackle to connect to the Witchdoctor.

The Witchdoctor Bag is made of mesh to allow easier drying. There is also a clear pocket to hold the Tow Rope or other accessories.

Witchdoctor Flash Strips
A Witchdoctor with the addition of three single fish strips to the Tow Rope is the best Witchdoctor configuration

The action of the Witchdoctor gives the strips movement that no other teaser does. 

This set-up is a proven multiple tournament winner, raining fish in areas where many other boats are not catching anything.

The Witchdoctor Grab Bag of Wings and Nose Guards.
It is quite common that after over time the nose of the Witchdoctor gets damaged when being retrieved. The Grab bag has five different nose guards which gave the same screw holes so you can find the one that works best on the Witchdoctor model you have.

The Pack also has a set of wings that will make your Witchdoctor dive much deeper below the prop wash.

The Grab Bag comes with stainless steel screws. We suggest predrilling the holes before you add the screws.

Care and Maintenance for All Witchdoctor Models

As with all your other tackle, they should be washed after each use and dried in the shade. Do not put Witchdoctors in bags until they are dry which can take quite a while. Best to wrap them in an old towel or dishcloth that breathes until you can dry them in the shade.

Using the Witchdoctor - Instructions

The Pakula Witchdoctor is very easy to use, simply position it around 15 feet in front (closer to the transom) of your closest lure or bait, but run it on the other side i.e. if your closest lure is on the starboard side, run the Witchdoctor on the port side, and it will do the rest. It is important to remember that this teaser is very effective and will attract fish directly to it. It is therefore critical to ensure that a bait or lure should always be placed in close proximity to this teaser, at least within 4 meters. Because of refraction, i.e. angle of light changes when it hits the water, the Witchdoctor is quite difficult to position. We suggest you measure the distance of your closest lure in arm spans and then measure the Witchdoctor tow line the same way to ensure accurate placement.

The History of the Pakula Witchdoctor


The Pakula Witchdoctor Fluro Series 1983 to 1988 drying on a Hills Clothes Hoist outside our original 'production' facility that was in a small unit storeroom in Rose Bay, New South Wales, Sydney Australia.


The photo is a replica of the first commercial Witchdoctor made which were black in colour and known as 'Stealth" Witchdoctors which made from around 1969 to around 1983. These were not sold commercially. 

The success of the Stealth Witchdoctors was certainly and inspiration in launching the Necromonger version in early 2019 some 50 years after making the first Witchdoctors.