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Pakula Hooks

Dojo Light Gauge (DH) - Dojo Heavy / Strong Gauge (DHX)  - Dojo Extra Strong (XDHX) - Classic Game Hooks (CH)

All Pakula Hooks are Stainless Steel 420JR

Pakula Dojo Hooks are custom made specifically for Pakula Tackle Australia. The hooks are double ground pre-sharpened, made in Korea using high strength 402J2 Stainless Steel.

Dojo Hooks are a very short hook with a wide gape and turned in beak point shaped to maximise hook up rates.

To minimise confusion with hook sizes Dojo hooks sized according to their gape.This is a useful method to choose the right sized hook. For a skirted lure, the hook gape should equal the lure head diameter as a minimum size. Using a hook size larger than hook diameter is becoming more popular. 

Dojo Hooks are designed to use on a lose loop rig such as the Pakula Swivel, Keel and Shackle Rig. Please don't use them on Stiff or Semi Stiff Rigs.

01 Shackle rig

Pakula Twin Hook Shackle Rig

02 Swivel Rig

Pakula Single Hook Swivel Rig

03 Keel Rig

Pakula Keel Rig


Note that points and barbs are generic as the same hook can be used with several line classes. Though points and barbs are usable straight out of the package you may wish to adjust points and barbs with a file to suit your personal preference.

WARNING: Dojo Peche Hooks are super sharp and will easily penetrate most things they come in contact with including humans and anything surrounding them. They should be handled with extreme caution even by those with experience.

Webinar Video Clip About Hook Sizes

Pakula Dojo Light Gauge Hooks

Sizes 15 to 40 for line classes 4kg to 15 kg minimum drag 2kg maximum 5kg
Sold in packs of 4 hooks.

Dojo Light Gauge Hooks 2019


Pakula Light Gauge Hooks were introduced for tournament fishing where fish are fought and brought to the boat quickly, often in a minute or less. 

Fast Black Video Clip

Dealing with green fish to get hooks out is incredibly dangerous so we used 'light gauge hooks' that were strong enough to fight foish to the boat but would strighten when punched out after grabbing the leader.

Punch Hooks Out Video Clip

Pakula Light Gauge hooks are designed to use on a fighting drag of 3 to 5 kg ie for use on 15kg line down to 4kg primarily targeting Sailfish and small Black Marlin and larger fish r records where fish are gaffed of the rod-tip.

If you are using line classes 15kg and over then you have the ability to set drags at 1/3rd the line class which is 5kg and over where there is no need to use light gauge Dojo Hooks, rather use our Heavy / Strong Gauge Hooks which will set just fine at a strike setting of 5kg and over.

If you do wish to follow the trend of using light gauge hooks on heavier tackle than we recommend you'll find that the angler and crew will have much more success if they are smooth on the rod and trace with as little jerking on the line and leader as possible. We recommend the following exercises:
Basic Angler Training
Advanced Angler Training
Taking the Wrap

Pakula Dojo Heavy / Strong Hooks

Sizes 25 to 40 for line classes 15kg to 37kg minimum drag of 5kg to maximum of 20kg
Sold in packs of 4 hooks.

Pakula Heavy Gauge Hooks are designed to use on a fighting drag of a minimum or 5kg to a maximum of 20kg ie for use on 15kg line up to 37kg primarily targeting good sized Marlin from 60kg up to 350kg and Tuna to 200kg.
These are our most popular hooks accounting for a great hook up rate using lures and are one of the most popular hooks used in baits for Broadbill Swordfish in the USA, primarily using size 35 and 40.

Dojo Heavy Gauge Hooks

Pakula Dojo Extra Strong Hooks

Sizes 45 to 60 are for line classes 37kg and 60kg minimum drag 13kg maximum 80kg

Sold individually, not packaged.

Pakula Extra Heavy Gauge Hooks are hand made and tempered by craftsmen in Korea. These are the ultimate super strong hooks targeting granders on heavy tackle using baits or lures in exotic destinations like Cairns and Cape Verde. If using them on lures we suggest the Pakula Rigs mentioned earlier.

XX Strong Hooks 2019

Pakula Classic Game Hooks

For drag settings 5kg and over - 15kg line and over.
Sold in packs of 4 hooks and bulk packs of 100 hooks.

Claassic Hooks 2019

The Classic hooks are made from 420JR-grade stainless steel which is the same as most other heavy gauge hooks on the market and is the standard grade used in high-grade chefs knives. They are solid hooks for drag settings 5kg and over, ie 15kg and over. 

They have a knife-edge under the barb with a tapered cone point.

We have made these hooks available as we supply a number of lure makers who have found it hard to find a supply of quality classic shaped hooks. These hooks are primarily used for semi and stiff rigs in trolling lures and for rigging skip and swim baits. (note for Pakula Lures we recommend Dojo Hooks rigged in either the single hook swivel/keel rig or the twin hook shackle rig)

Please check sizes as the common method of sizing varies between manufacturers. That is not all 12/0 hooks are the same size.