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Edited 26 August 2018

Pakula Original Series

Traditional Pakula Insert, Lumo® Eyes, UV2

Available in Hard or Soft  UV Polyurethane. 

Original Blue HeadThe Pakula Original Series have Polyurethane heads which are are an upgraded of The Original Pakula Lures, so successful they are the most often copied range of lures in the history of Game Fishing, introducing legends such as the Sprocket, Rat, Animal, Smoking Jo, Cockroach, Uzi etc. These are the lures that made Pakula a world recognised leader in Big Game Fishing. Each lure is still individually hand poured in the same way the lures were originally made, and in the same time tested and proven shapes, with some improved modifications, designed by Peter Pakula.

originaleyeThis is not to say they are the SAME lures they used to be because they're not. They are even better because we are teaming them up with the latest UV2, our trade mark Lumo® and other enhancing additives in their heads and skirts. In June 2012 we took the leap  and upgraded the full range to the most modern production systems based on the Polyurethane system developed by  Peter Pakula in 1997, but using the latest Polyurethane technology. This has been done without raising the price of the Pakula Original Series.

These lures are the Pakula Original Series with the distinctive Lumo Eye. Please note that there are many copies of our lures, some of which are being passed off as original Pakula Lures. The print on all Pakula lure eyes is crisp, clear and easy to read. The copies usually have blurred unclear printing on the eyes. 

Pakula Specifcation Information - Click Here

Pakula Specification Terminology

We've found the normal terminology for skirted lures, hooks and rigs really don't offer you much relevant information so we have come up with our own. 

The usual terminology to describe sizes is the length of the skirt used before it's cut, for example, a twelve-inch lure uses a twelve-inch skirt that when cut may only be 10" long and doesn't give much information to work with.

At Pakula tackle we have come up with the following to help in understanding our products better. Each of our lures has measurements in their specifications on this page giving the following information so you have a better idea of the sizes of the lure, hook and rig sizes.

Name: The name identifies the lure range, IE Paua Mini Jet Sprocket Means: Paua (lure range) Mini (lure size) Jet (the type of lure) Sprocket (lure head shape) Fallen Angel (colour)

Code: The lure code identifies the lure range, size and the colour code added at the end. For example, a lure with the code PDSPJ35 LU has the following information: PD is the code for Paua Softease which are our SOFTease heads. SP is the code for Sprocket. J is code for the type of lure, in this case, a Jet. 35 is the lure size which is a rough guide to the head diameter which indicates the minimum Dojo hook size that should be used to rig the lure. Dojo hooks are sized by their gape in millimetres. So a size 35 head should have a minimum size Dojo hook size 35. Often we recommend using larger hooks especially rigging smaller lures. LU is the colour code, in this case, Lumo®.

Hook Rigs: Our hook rig codes have the following meaning IE size 30/25. The first number, in this case 30, refers to the hook size to use with our lure of around 30mm or less, and the second number refers to our lure size in this case 25 which is based on the skirt length of our size 25 lures.

If the code is a single number IE 40 then it's a size 40 hook for both the head diameter of a size 40 lure head and the length of skirt for a size 40 lure.

Min Class: This is the minimum line class we recommend using to troll the lure. You can certainly use a line class above that but if you use small lures on heavy tackle the lure action may be affected to some degree.

Leader: The leader breaking strain recommendation is the breaking strain that gives the lure maximum action. There is no need to go lighter than the recommendations but you can certainly use a size or two heavier if needed. 

Head Length: As shown in the image below the head length is from the face / front of the lure to where the skirts start.

Head Width: As shown in the image below is measured at the widest part of the lure lure head.

Skirt Size - Cut Length: The skirt size is our skirt size code that is used on the lure. The cut length is the length of the skirt taken from the shoulder of the lure where the skirt starts to the skirts end / tail, as shown in the image below.

Total Length: The total length is the measurement taken from the face of the lure to it's tail.

Length Specs 01

Pakula Additive Information - Click Here

Fish Caught on the Pakula Original Series

Pakula Original Sprockets

Mini Sprocket - Small Sprocket - Sprocket


Position: Long Rigger, Shotgun. Long Corner
Main Colours: Lumo Green, Grasshopper, Quoka, Illusion, Yum Yum

Pakula Original Sprocket Information - Click Here

Pakula Sprockets are simply the most productive lure in every trolling situation, in every ocean of the world, universally used by all successful Pakula trollers. The Sprocket Series is responsible for many milestones in the Pakula lists of major achievements including the Lexus, Compass, Sanctuary Cove six years in straight, the HIBT twice, the three major tournaments in N.S.W, the Golden Lure, The International and Shootout three years in a row, the heaviest marlin in Sydney waters to 1966, plus five straight tournaments on the Gold Coast Blue Marlin grounds, plus countless other tournament and trophy wins worldwide. The Pakula Sprocket is a legend, having been listed in the Marlin Magazine top 10 Lures of all time every time the survey has been done.

The Sprockets are very easy to use as they are virtually automatic. Put them anywhere in the trolling pattern at any normal trolling speed in any normal trolling conditions and they will do the rest! The number of successes on the Sprocket might hide the fact that they also account for a huge number of novice captures in particular "First Marlin" for so many anglers.

Their working action starts as the Sprocket hits the surface to breathe, then dives under the surface with a very tight , long bubble trail with a continuous shimmering swimming action that drives fish crazy. They then swim out of their smoke trail and shoot back to the surface to start the cycle again. Set correctly they should repeat the cycle every five seconds.

Though Pakula Sprockets can be run in any position they are at their best as a long rigger lure, particularly in the our Green Lumo colours have accounted for a great many First Marlin captures, Tournament Wins and the largest fish of the season twice in Cairns. If you are only ever going to take one piece of advice from us then let it be "Run the Lumo Sprocket on the long rigger, and leave it there!" Many of the successes on Pakula Lures are with this lure in this position. It may not catch fish for a while, but when it starts working nothing else will come close. Its tight swimming action works in all conditions at any trolling speed. It is totally irresistible, especially now that the lure comes with the updated Lumo Skirts. Don't leave home without a Lumo Sprocket! In fact you'll more than likely need spares. Anglers have been known to troll a full spread of Lumo Sprockets!

Simply put the Pakula Sprecket works in every game fishing ground in the world for every pelagic. They are the professional's favourite and beginners dream. If you ever have to choose just one lure it should be a Pakula Sprocket!

 Name  Code   Hooks / Rigs  Min Class  Leader  Head Length  Head Width  Skirt Size - Length   Total Length
 Original Mini Sprocket  PSP20  Dojo 25 25/25  6kg  150lb  34mm - 1.30"  25mm - 1.00" PS25 - 195mm - 7.75"  229mm - 9.05"
 Original Medium Sprocket  PSP30  Dojo 30 30/30  15kg  200lb  38mm - 1.50"  30mm - 1.20"  PS35 - 265mm -10.50"  303mm - 12.00"
 Original Sprocket  PSP40  Dojo 40 or 45 40/40 45/40  24kg  400lb  47mm - 1.80"  37mm - 1.50"  PS40 - 324mm - 12.75"  362mm - 14.25"

Pakula Original Roaches

Cockroach - Mouse - Rat


Position: Short Corner, Short Rigger and all positions in choppy or rough seas.
Main Colours: Hot Frigate, Black Betty, Billy B, Frigate, Torro, Petrolio, Boomer, Blue Kona, Kona Storm, Violeta

Pakula Original Roaches Information - Click Here

The range of Pakula Roaches is the short rigger and short corner lure. The action is an aggressive swimming with a wide head shake and great splash when it breathes. It will hug the water at all trolling speeds and will work fine in all weather conditions, including very rough conditions. The Frigate Rat is now the standard lure and teaser in St Thomas and the Bahamas in the colours

The range of Pakula Roaches has earned its place in the pages of game fishing history. They continually appear in tournament wins throughout the game fishing world. Such monumental victories as the 1992 Bisbees Black and Blue where angler, Rowan Henry won $US226,000.00 on a Wasp / Tooro coloured Pakula Rat. The Express coloured Pakula Mouse won Whakatane Tuna Tournament, the largest game fishing tournament in New Zealand and Col Earl caught 16 billfish in one day trolling Cockroaches on his boat “Reef Hunter”.

Pakula Cockroaches combine the best features of both Chuggers and Sprockets, resulting in a very stable lure for rough conditions. After breathing they dive very deep carrying a huge bubble trail, all the while shaking their heads violently. They then leave the bubble trail behind and increase their swimming action back to the surface to start the cycle again. These lures have a very aggressive action below the surface that all game fish find totally irresistible. Their cycle should be worked at least every 5 seconds. The lures in the Roach range will work in any fishable condition at any trolling speed. Their best positions are short corner and short rigger. The Stripy coloured Rat on the short rigger has proven itself as one of the best lures for Striped Marlin. This range of lures is particularly effective in rough seas, even trolling straight into a steep sharp chop, where most fail to perform forcing many frustrated fishermen to head for the dock.

The Cockroach in particular needs a special mention. This little 8.75” lure was the first midget big game fishing lure. It changed the world of Queensland light tackle game fishing by winning some of the most prestigious tournaments such as Trownsville, A.I.B.T., Hamilton three years in a row and trophies such as Champion Female five years straight, as with the Gold Coast January Tournament and is now part of every successful boat’s trolling kit. The success of the Pakula Cockroaches has also encompassed medium and heavy tackle winning tournaments in Fiji, New Zealand, Mexico, Papua New Guinea plus many more.

The true worth of the whole range of Pakula Roaches can only be appreciated by seeing their own characteristic action that is quite unique and experience the success known by so many that have tried them. They just keep on trucking and catching long after the others have given up.

 Name  Code   Hooks / Rigs  Min Class  Leader  Head Length  Head Width  Skirt Size - Cut Length   Total Length
 Original Cockroach  PRO20  Dojo 25 25/25  6kg  150lb  25mm - 1.00"  25mm - 1.00"  PS25 -195mm - 7.75"  220mm - 8.75"
 Original Mouse  PRO30  Dojo 30 30/30  15kg  200lb  34mm - 1.30"  34mm - 1.30"  PS35 - 265mm -10.50"  299mm - 11.80"
 Original Rat  PRO40  Dojo 40 or 45 40/40 45/40  24kg  400lb  38mm - 1.50"  43mm - 1.70"  PS40 - 324mm - 12.75"  362mm - 14.25"

Pakula Original Longshots

Zipper - Phantom - Guru


Position: Long Corner, Shotgun, Long Rigger
Main Colours: Fallen Angel, Brad J, Blue Hawaii, Evil Angel, Blue Crystal MT

Pakula Original Longshots Information - Click Here

The range of Pakula Longshots, introduced in August 1993, is one of the new breed of lures specifically designed to address a number of situations encountered by both novices and experts alike while maintaining the expected Pakula success rates.

The long profile gives great stability in all conditions. Due to their slim profile a larger lure can be used on lighter line classes. Longshots work within a large range of effective trolling speeds from as slow as five and up to twelve knots. This low end speed allows these lures to be successfully trolled alongside rigged dead baits. Due to the balance of these lures they are excellent in the calmest of conditions plus still work great in the rough stuff.

Pakula Longshots will work perfectly at the distance of long trolling positions using flat lines which is great for boats that do not have outriggers or centre riggers, as is the case with many small boats. Though these lures are specifically designed for use in long positions, you will find that they will all work very well in any normal trolling position.

The action of these lures is a very tight swimming action and head shake. The bubble trail is very long and concentrated. Longshots are straight runners as are all Pakula Lures with these running the shallowest, diving to just under the surface after breathing. They are working their best when they breathe every five seconds.

The initial successes of these lures are quite spectacular. In Cairns waters the Longshot was the most productive lure for the heavy tackle Black Marlin season on “Reef Hunter”. In Kona, Hawaii, “Layla” raised seven Blue Marlon on Pakula Longshots the first morning he used them! Since their introduction they have succeeded throughout the world. In New Zealand the Kona Smoking Jo accounted for eleven Striped Marlin in one day.

Richard B. Richardson of Texas used the Smoking Jo to place second in the World Billfish Series in 1994, and his main lure in winning the World Billfish Series in 1995.

The little Zipper has taken its place as the ultimate Sailfish and Light Tackle Marlin lure winning many tournaments throughout the Pacific.

 Name  Code   Hooks / Rigs  Min Class  Leader  Head Length  Head Width  Skirt Size - Cut Length   Total Length
 Original Micro Uzi  PMU04  Dojo 20 20/04  4kg  100lb  21mm - 0.80"  12mm - 0.50"  PS04 -100mm - 4.00"  125mm - 5.00"
 Original Uzi  PUZ10  Dojo 20 or 25 20/10 25/10  4kg  100lb  29mm - 1.10"  16mm - 0.60"  PS10 - 150mm - 6.00"  180mm - 7.00"
 Original Zipper  PLS15  Dojo 25 25/15  6kg  100lb  43mm - 1.7 0'  23mm - 0.90"  PS15 - 150mm - 6.00"  193mm - 7.70"
 Original Phantom  PLS20  Dojo 25 25/25  8kg  150lb  45mm - 1.80 '  26mm - 1.00"  PS25 -195mm - 7.75"  240mm - 9.55"
 Original Guru  PLS30  Dojo 30 30/30  15kg  200lb  50mm - 1.90"  30mm - 1.20"  PS30 - 265mm - 10.50"   315mm - 12.40"

Pakula Original Shortshots

Fuzi - Mosquito

PMZ HF 700x700

Position: Short Corner, Short Rigger and all positions in choppy or rough seas.
Main Colours: Hot Frigate, Black Betty, Billy B, Frigate, Torro, Petrolio, Boomer, Blue Kona, Kona Storm, Violeta

Pakula Original Shortshots Information - Click Here

The introduction of Pakula Shortshots was the revolutionary Mosquito in April 1992, the smallest “Big Fish” lure ever. Its success was hot on the heels of the first small “Big Fish” lure the Cockroach. Both these lures are the mark by which all other lures are assessed in worldwide light tackle game fishing.

The remainder of the range of Pakula Shortshots was released in August 1993. This family of lures is actually one of the oldest, used long before Pakula Lures were generally available. The heads are based on the original Pakula Pixies, Short Chuggers and Semi Satellites. It is because of continued success and demand that they have once again become part of the Pakula Lure collection. With the development of skirt colours and combinations these lures have improved on their already formidable reputation.

The short stubby profile and specific shape gives Pakula Shortshots great stability in all conditions. The medium and large sizes are particularly effective in very rough and windy conditions where the extra drag created keeps them in position lessening worries about lures blowing out and tangling.

Pakula Shortshots work within a large range of trolling speeds with a leaning towards the faster end of the scale from8 to a very fast 20 knots in moderate conditions. The action is very active, incorporating a heavy head shaking swimming action with an aggressive bloop as the lure hits  the surface to breathe, The lure then dives deep to dispel trapped air in a large mass of foaming bubbles and turbulence. These lures work well in all positions particularly in the very difficult close positions with great ease of placement. The “Mosquito” can be placed with confidence in any position.

Each of the Pakula Shortshots has proven to be successful tournament and trophy winners. The “Pacemaker” is named after Len Brook’s boat “Pacemaker” as this lure was his “Secret Weapon” used to catch some of the fish that gained him the title of Australia’s Champion Marlin Angler for the two years 1991 and 1992. The little “Mosquito” has won many tournaments all over the Pacific Basin.

Though these lures are not as “automatic” as other Pakula Lures, if you can’t get a lure to stay in the water, try a Shortshot. I’m sure you’ll find the results will impress you.

 Name  Code   Hooks / Rigs  Min Class  Leader  Head Length  Head Width  Skirt Size - Cut Length   Total Length
 Original Fluzi  PFL10  Dojo 20 20/04  4kg  100lb  25mm - 0.90"  18mm - 0.70"  PS10 - 140mm - 5.50"  165mm - 6.50"
 Original Mossie  PMUZ15  Dojo 25 25/15  6kg  100lb  27mm - 1.00"  22mm - 0.90"  PS15 -150mm - 6.00"  180mm - 7.00"

Pakula Original Bullets


skippy group

Position: Any position
Colours: Lumo Green, Pinbk, Violedt, Squid, Blue Crystal and Hot Black Betty

Pakula Original Bullets Information - Click Here

The Original Skippies are tiny 4.00" lures that extend the range of micro game fishing lures. These lures are hard head hand poured polyurethane. These lures will attract any predatory fish, all of which eat small bait fish. The smaller the bait fish the more likely it is to be eaten as it's an easy meal.

Even though the Skippies are tiny they are a game fishing lure for all species from Tailor, Bluefish, Kingfish, all Tuna species and sizes and also Billfish of all sizes.

Skiippies are in packs of three lures.

 Name  Code   Hooks / Rigs  Min Class  Leader  Head Length  Head Width  Skirt Size - Cut  Length   Total Length
 Original Skippy  SK  Dojo 20 20/04  4kg  100lb  20mm - 0.75"  12mm - 0.75"  PS10 - 84mm - 3.30"  105mm - 4.25"
Australia, Brisbane
Logos, lure names, colour names and markings are the Intelectual Property, Trade Marks and Copyright of Peter Pakula, Pakula Tackle Australia Pty Ltd and Gamefish Central Pty Ltd. All designs, text and drawings are by Peter Pakula used with permission by Pakula Tackle Australia Pty. Ltd. and Gamefish Central Pty. Ltd. All Rights Reserved 1985.
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