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03: Reskirting Pakula Lures

Between The Lines - Ch 06: Lure Introduction

0603_SkirtingToolsOne thing is more certain than if you become successful at trolling you are going to get damaged skirts which will need replacing. Changing lure skirts is very simple if you follow a couple of steps.

The implements needed are

- The main tool is a stick with a shaped flat end. A bamboo chopstick does the job quite well. You can also use a flat head screwdriver as long as you are careful not to damage the lure head.

- A sharp knife or cutter.

- A pair of sharp scissors, preferably slightly serrated so they don't slip when cutting the skirt material.

- Super glue is used to glue the skirts to the lure head.

- A set of skirts to replace the damaged ones. Try and get the same brand and size as the ones you are replacing. Any difference in skirt size, weight, thickness and length will reflect on the lure's effectiveness.

Reskirting steps are as follows

1 - Insert the tool, that is, the stick, under the back of the lure between the skirts and the lure head. Gently lever the skirts up and away from the lure head. Work the stick all the way around the lure head. Then simply pull the loosened skirts off the back of the lure head.

If the skirts are beyond using again they can be removed by simply cutting them off with a sharp blade being careful not to cut the lure head.

Trim off any bits of glue or skirt that may still be stuck to the lure head with the sharp cutter.

2 - Cut the skirts by cutting around the skirt neck, not by doing a single cut across the skirt. The skirt should be cut close to the narrowest part of the neck as it is best to cut it too narrow to start and then trim until it fits. It should still need to be stretched on slightly. A skirt that is cut too wide to start with cannot be used.

3 - The overskirt is put on first by starting it at the bottom of the lure tail and then stretching it on over the first tail lip. Use the tool (stick) to ease it over the second lip and into position against the back of the lure head.

4 - Fold the overskirt over the top of the lure head then put the underskirt on in the same way as the overskirt.

5 - Run a small bead of super glue around the lure tail just under the overskirt and another small bead just at the front of the underskirt. Fold the overskirt back, leave it so that the super glue dries and the job is complete.

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